Yamovi, event quality apps that answer two simple questions
What's happening now? And around?

Yamovi is a platform that allows event organizers to create applications for the App Store and Google Play & smartphone-friendly websites.

Are you interested on developing an app for your event? Do you want to enhance your attendees experience? Are you planning several event apps? Yamovi is a tool for event planners to easily build their apps at affordable prices.

Yamovi's apps are centered on building intuitive and simple apps for attendees to enjoy events. More than 20000 people have downloaded our apps and users rate them positively.

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Yamovi's apps answer two simple questions What is happening now? And what is happening nearby? Whatever your event is centered on a Medical congress, Cinema Festival, an Educational event your attendees will have an app to answer these questions. Yamovi's social network features also allow attendees to your event to spread the word in facebook, twitter etc.

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If you want to know more about how users behave within our apps, how do they rate them, and how event organisers have benefited using yamovi, please contact us.